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Costa De La Vista is a beautiful residential development comprising of five high risen residential towers. Apart from these residential towers, Costa De La Vista also offers various other buildups that offer a convenient as well as a lavish lifestyle to its residents. Such amenities enhance the quality of living and offer various resort-life offerings such that a feeling of dwelling in a lavish vacationing setup is imparted.

A large sized swimming pool makes one of the luxurious amenities of Costa De La Vista which can be used by the residents as and when desired. The summer days can be spent in the pool while the winter days can be spent by the poolside. Availability of this pool allows the residents to have uninterrupted swimming sessions well within their residence.

The towers of Costa De La Vista are high-risen. They begin right from the ocean floor and give tough competition to various five-star hotels. Such high risen towers are bound to have elevators, but what Costa De La Vista offers is way too beautiful. All the five towers of Costa De La Vista feature two speedy scenic elevators for the convenience of the residents. These elevators not just help in speedy commutation but also allow the occupants to admire nature of the surroundings including the landscaped areas as well as the vast stretched water body. Stairs are also available for service usage.

A huge clubhouse also makes another interesting amenity of Costa De La Vista. This offering can be used by the residents for multipurpose activities including recreational activities, meetings, gatherings etc. 

There is a gaming as well as arcade room accommodated within Costa De La Vista where the kids can play games of their choices with their friends. This gives the provision to the kids to have some socializing with their age group allowing them to keep active, energetic as well as to make new buddies.

A commercial area is another important region of Costa De La Vista which comprises of all official setups. This strictly is business related where official setups are accommodated.

All these various offerings are beautifully and conveniently accommodated within the society. These buildups stand erect right at the center of all the five residential towers. This designing allow all the five tower units to enjoy a scenic view from their windows and balconies without restricting even a bit.

All the various offerings of Costa De La Vista are well managed and maintained by professionals employed by the developers such that all the services whether basic or lavish, can be entertained without any interruptions maintaining the best possible quality.

  • Swimming pool
  • Scenic elevator
  • Clubhouse
  • Arcade and game room
  • Commercial area
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