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Costa de la Vista is located at Brgy. Yapak, Malay, Aklan, (Boracay Island).

Costa De La Vista is a paradise compared residential development that stands in a location blessed by natural beauty. It makes an excellent establishment of the very popular Boracay Island. This island is one of the most visited places by tourists from all across the world. It has also been successful in gatherings various renowned titles as well as awards owing to the breathtaking beauty that it showcases. 

Conde Nast Traveler, a popular magazine on the international level listed Boracay Island as one of the top ten mesmerizing destinations in its 2016 edition. In the year 2012, Boracay Island was again awarded by the best island of the year's award by yet another renowned traveling magazine named Travel + Leisure. Again, in the year 2014 Boracay Island was again named as one of the best islands all across the world. In the year 2015, this beautiful paradise witnessed the visit of almost two million tourists including local as well as foreigner visitors. This statistical number witnessed a hike of thirty-three percent as compared to the previous year. All these titles, awards and, tourist appreciations itself state the mesmerizing beauty of the location of Costa De La Vista. It is not every day that an individual gets a golden opportunity to buy himself/herself a heavenly residence like Costa De La Vista.

This location is an apt one to keep away from the heat of Metro Manila. The summers in Manila are scorching and too heated up. Boracay stays pleasant all throughout the year. The cool breeze blowing all across the island makes it an ideal location to dwell on. The surroundings are dotted by lush greenery especially the beautiful palm trees. For all the nature lovers, Costa De La Vista is no less than a paradise where you get to reside right between the best possible offerings of Mother Nature.  

Being a tourist destination, the location is well occupied by essential establishments including retail counters, fast food counters, health care centers etc. Once getting down at the port is done, the exploring of the location can be conveniently executed by tricycles as well as pedicabs. Having such amazing modes to commute all across the island keeps the location absolutely free from pollution. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is what you can expect while investing in Costa De La Vista. Although there are vehicles available to be used to commute in Boracay, the most ideal way to explore the region is by walking as well as trekking. These ways allow you to explore the beauty of the location to the core. You get to witness the flora and fauna of the location if explored on foot.

All in all, by dwelling at Costa De La Vista, one gets an experience of being on a holiday rather than being right there at home. The ambiance is such. In fact, if you are looking out for a second big investment to make then no other option can be better than Costa De La Vista. You will have a resort-like home with the perfect vacation location to hit on the weekends. Owning a home on one of the most beautiful islands can be so much more than just an investment.

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